The Customer

An innovative packaged food company, focused on building and energizing snack food brands and products. Their mission: "By honoring nature's ingredients, we make food people love."


The demand for snack foods is on the rise: More than 86% of Americans snack daily, with 51% of that total choosing three snacks a day, and 49% snacking twice a day. Because people are eating more on-the-go, opting for smaller meals, and craving healthy alternatives, snack manufacturers are challenged to develop options that appeal to a wide range of tastes and circumstances.


Founded in the early 1900s, this company has shaped its longstanding growth and success around a strategy that seeks valuable opportunities to make a relevant connection to the contemporary consumer. Recent strides in that endeavor demanded facility expansion, and project management from Energy Recovery Partners.

The Project

Maintaining efficiency and operating at full capacity are key components of being an industry leader. After identifying a need to double the capacity of its manufacturing site in Beloit, Wisconsin, Energy Recovery Partners was brought in to make it happen. The result was an efficient, tailor-made solution that enabled the customer to capitalize on 100% of its resources:

  • Initial research uncovered constraints on capacity due to air quality standards and raw material byproducts
  • A maximum gas usage scenario was formulated to calculate full operations with the removal of natural gas limitations
  • Combustion units were united into a single 75' stack, resulting in a 14.9% improvement, and full capacity production

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