Energy Recovery Partners Strengthens Product Quality for Wisconsin Pet Food Company

Energy Recovery Partners, a Wisconsin company that specializes in waste heat energy and HVAC efficiency for the food and heavy manufacturing industries, recently collaborated with a Wisconsin pet food company to restructure facility operations with a focus on superior quality and best practices.

The goal was to eliminate intake of unfiltered air in packaging, and ensure positive pressure within the facility by zones. Addressing the company's filtering and pressurization needs translates into safer processing, and significantly reduced risk for product contamination.

Bob Nelson, co-owner and sales engineer with Energy Recovery Partners, shared that these adjustments provided big dividends: "We developed and implemented an entire turnkey solution that constantly monitors and adjusts the airflow in the plant. As a result, the client has documented 92% thermal efficiency," he said.

Nelson's business partner, Paul Ziehr, further explained that the benefits go beyond the process and the product. "Pet ownership is at an all-time high, meaning over $23 billion will be spent on pet food alone. This company has a longstanding tradition for quality and innovation, and these process improvements will enable them to maintain that deserved reputation with an ever-growing consumer base."

Using a five-part approach that incorporates measurement, food safety zones, design, installation, and control, Energy Recovery Partners transforms waste heat energy and HVAC inefficiencies into manufacturing process improvements. The company is headquartered in Hubertus, Wisconsin.

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