Energy Recovery Partners Completes Project with Wisconsin Snack Food Manufacturer

Energy Recovery Partners, a Wisconsin company that specializes in waste heat energy and HVAC efficiency for the food and heavy manufacturing industries, recently completed a critical expansion project for a Wisconsin packaged food company.

The project directive was to double the capacity of an existing facility in Beloit, Wisconsin. After first completing specialized research to pinpoint areas in the process that could be improved, Energy Recovery Partners then delivered a tailored solution that accounted for key elements such as airflow and energy efficiency.

"We discovered important factors such as air quality standards, raw material byproducts, and natural gas limitations that were inhibiting production. After all the calculations were completed, the best answer for this client was to combine combustion units into a single 75-foot stack," explained Paul Ziehr, co-owner and sales engineer for Energy Recovery Partners. The result has been a 14.9% improvement, and full capacity production.

Increasing production was a vital consideration for this company's continued growth. "Annual snack sales top $370 billion annually," said Ziehr's business partner, Bob Nelson. "Americans are turning to snack foods on a more consistent basis as a part of their daily eating habits, so improving the production process and maximizing output of this facility was necessary to keep up with consumer demand."

Using a five-part approach that incorporates measurement, food safety zones, design, installation, and control, Energy Recovery Partners transforms waste heat energy and HVAC inefficiencies into manufacturing process improvements. The company is headquartered in Hubertus, Wisconsin.

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