Energy Recovery Partners Introduces New Technology for Odor Abatement Project

Energy Recovery Partners, a Wisconsin business that specializes in waste heat energy and HVAC efficiency for the food and heavy manufacturing industries, recently helped a local pet food company develop a comprehensive odor abatement system for a production facility located in a prominent residential neighborhood.

Today, 25% of citizen petition requests are related to odor concerns, as they are not only unpleasant but can also cause physical symptoms, particularly for children, the elderly, and persons with chronic respiratory ailments. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources enforces the Wisconsin Administrative Code air pollution rules, and offers guidelines and suggestions for compliance. Topping the list is being proactive, and addressing any "objectionable" odors before they are considered a community nuisance.

Adopting this mindset, the manufacturer contacted Energy Recovery Partners to provide direction for a state-of-art odor abatement system. "The objective was to eliminate exhaust odor caused by the manufacturing process in a way that was effective for the company, and beneficial to the community," said Paul Ziehr, ERP owner and sales engineer. "Absorption, oxidation, or chemical scrubbing have become the industry standards for these kinds of solutions, but after extensive analysis, we chose instead to build a solution using IonO2x technology from UAS Canada. To my knowledge, it is the first of its kind here in Wisconsin," Ziehr added.

IonO2x Odor Elimination Systems is a patented, true Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) technology that differs from other abatement options by using electrical current to destroy the volatile organics components (VOCs) that cause odor. As Ziehr notes, this is an important distinction - particularly related to natural resources and operating costs. "IonO2x is far more environmentally friendly, because no water, natural gas, or harsh chemicals are needed for the process. In turn, maintenance and daily application costs are lower, while energy efficiency is greater, resulting in a solution that delivers superb outcomes on every level."

Using a five-part approach that incorporates measurement, food safety zones, design, installation, and control, Energy Recovery Partners transforms waste heat energy and HVAC inefficiencies into manufacturing process improvements. The company is headquartered in Hubertus, Wisconsin.

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