Energy Recovery Partners Manages Facility Renovation for Leading Wisconsin Food Packaging Company

Energy Recovery Partners, a Wisconsin company that specializes in waste heat energy and HVAC efficiency for the food and heavy manufacturing industries, recently managed a facility renovation for a Wisconsin food packaging company that exemplifies the most rigorous industry standards for quality and compliance.

The client has earned organic and kosher certifications, and recently acquired a Level III certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) in 2015. Continuing this longstanding commitment to product integrity, Energy Recovery Partners welcomed a collaboration that incorporated the company's diligence to product integrity with the latest engineering and technology to further benefit the end product, the environment, and the consumer.

"Following in-depth research, we devised a unique solution for this customer that relied on exact filter placement to condition airflow and safeguard against contaminants," said Paul Ziehr, co-owner and sales engineer for Energy Recovery Partners. "That exact placement necessitated installation of large units on middle of the roof, and the most effective way to place them was via helicopter." At first, the client was hesitant, but soon discovered that Energy Recovery Partners had indeed done their homework. "It was the most efficient and cost-effective way to get the job done," Ziehr explained.

The results are certainly noteworthy: The renovation has reduced airborne contaminants by 97.5%. "We take a lot of pride in a significant improvement like that," added Bob Nelson, Ziehr's business partner. "The impact goes well beyond the customer, or the immediate community. Reducing food contamination by just 10% nationwide would protect 5 million Americans annually. We strive to do our part to contribute to that effort."

Using a five-part approach that incorporates measurement, food safety zones, design, installation, and control, Energy Recovery Partners transforms waste heat energy and HVAC inefficiencies into manufacturing process improvements. The company is headquartered in Hubertus, Wisconsin.

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