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A family-owned and operated Wisconsin pet food company, with over 100 years of maintaining quality in products and community experience.


Groups such as the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) continue efforts to maintain a healthier environment. Today, 25% of citizen petition requests are related to odor concerns as they are more than simply a source of unpleasant smells; manufacturing emissions can also cause physical symptoms, particularly for children, the elderly, and persons with chronic respiratory ailments.

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Odor abatement has consistently been managed through absorption, oxidation, or chemical scrubbing. Partnering with a cutting-edge Canadian firm, Energy Recovery Partners introduced a new method of eradicating production fumes to create a cleaner, safer community surrounding a pet food manufacturer.

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This Midwest company maintains two production facilities, including one in a prominent residential area. The objective was to eliminate exhaust odor caused by the manufacturing process in a way that was effective for the company, and beneficial to the community. After analyzing equipment size and cost of various options, ERP chose instead to build a solution using state-of-the-art IonO2x technology:

  • IonO2x uses electrical current to destroy the volatile organic components (VOCs) that cause the odor
  • Differing work cycles demanded maximizing the IonO2x system through actuators in the ductwork, and pairing the system fan with the volume of the dryers
  • Eight airstreams were combined in a common plenum where a system fan pulls a slight negative on the airflow before being directed into the IonO2x system for abatement
  • Optimum energy efficiency was achieved through the IonO2x solution to use only what is necessary for processing and abating the airflow

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