The Customer

A family-run contract packing business in the heart of Wisconsin.


The landscape is shifting... food safety is only one part a processor's concerns. Today, many companies are becoming mindful of social responsibility: How their operations, and what they produce, impact the communities they serve and the world at-large. One of the industry's leading authorities on superior standards, the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF), recently released an Ethical Sourcing Standard that acknowledges the growing concern among consumers that their food has been grown and processed in ways that meet the highest model of social responsibility.


Integrity is paramount at all levels of the supply chain - from growth and harvest to manufacture and distribution. With this in mind, Energy Recovery Partners enacted process changes that will protect this customer's products, their consumers, and the environment.

The Project

Safety and compliance are an important part of this business - the company is Organically and Kosher certified by product, and earned a Level III certification from the SQF in early 2015. Maintaining these standards requires diligence, and a proactive approach in every aspect of operations, particularly the work environment. Energy Recovery Partners oversaw a facility renovation for this company that exemplifies the most rigorous industry benchmarks for quality and compliance:

  • A customized system that ensures positive air pressure throughout the plant
  • Exact filter placement to condition airflow and safeguard against contaminants
  • Reduced airborne contaminants by 97.5%
  • Design flexibility that allows for continuous improvement

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